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Employee Speaks

"At Aviva I have not experienced any boundaries when it comes to learning. Working at various levels within various departments has enabled me to get an overview of not only the company, but the industry as well."
- Kapil Kapoor (Assistant Manager-Service Quality)

"Aviva offers an open and flexible work place with great corporate values. My seniors are very knowledgeable, transparent and approachable and have always mentored me in the right direction. My potential has been duly recognised and I have always been made to feel at home and at ease, with the regular feedback which has helped me in self development."
- Valarien Rodrigues (Regional Manager-Operations)

"I have learnt a lot in this company. I have seen both the verticals - urban and rural - and the entire insurance market of the country. In addition, I have also grown professionally in terms of profile, learnt people management and developing processes. The company also gave me an opportunity to do a course from IIM Ahmedabad which helped me immensely."
- Sandeep Chadha (Senior Manager-Rural)

"The work culture at Aviva is simply THE BEST. We do not make compromises and are process oriented. We have blue prints to define our roles, responsibilities and actions."
- Ekta Arora (Assistant Manager-Administration and Facilities)

"Aviva India stands apart from other employers because this company enables us to balance our work life and family life so seamlessly."
- Gautam Saigal (Manager-Corporate Sales)

"I knew Aviva to be a company with operational ethics, applicable to both their customers and their employees. This was the single most important quality that attracted me. The Aviva experience has tripled my knowledge and doubled my confidence. Above all, I am a true professional, thanks to Aviva!"
- Latha Krishnan (Executive-Branch Operations)

"Offering such a challenging and supportive work environment, which provides job satisfaction, prompts decision-making and encourages delivering exceptional levels of performance with so much transparency makes Aviva India distinctive from the rest."
- Mamta Agarwal (Senior Executive-Operations)

"I would say that I have realized all my dreams working with Aviva. My standard of living has gone up. I have been professionally groomed through world class trainings that have enabled me to handle many big obstacles and customer queries. It's an ideal company and a great place to work. In future also, I would love to be associated with Aviva and in the coming years, I would love to see Aviva as India's No.1 insurance company."
- Pradeep Kataria (Sales Manager-DSF)

"Aviva has given me a position which has enabled me to utilize my analytical, conceptual and organizing skills, my ability to lead effectively as well as my firm determination to think and work hard."
- Udita Dua (Manager-Underwriting)

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