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Employee Speaks

“Life in Aviva has been truly exciting – much like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and lots of thrill. It is full of challenges and opportunities but the best part is the people working around with you who make this journey enjoyable and beautiful. Aviva is truly a great place to work! ”


Anthony Liu (AVP – Customer Retention), Kolkata

“At Aviva I find space to breathe and rejuvenate myself post working hard. Aviva motivates employees to learn & earn. The work environment being provided by Aviva is one of the best in the industry, a perfect balance in work and family life. Work recognition and transparency among all levels are best.”

-   Karan Nanda (Branch Head – DSF), Jalandhar

"As Alvin Toffler says and I quote, 'The illiterate of this century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.' Aviva has lived up to its values to offer its employees, unrestricted boundaries and unlimited opportunities to learn and grow. Whether it is eLearning platforms like Skillport or classroom trainings or Employee Education Assistance program, Aviva has been instrumental in nurturing my thirst for learning."

-   Dhaval Maniar (Sr. Manager - Training Content Development), Mumbai

I have been working in Aviva for the last 5.5 years and what has given me pleasure and joy to work is the work environment which lets every individual space and freedom to express and implement his views. This promotes more ownership and accountability leading to better work output. Having grown professionally within the company has increased my exposure and ability to multi-task in a dynamic work environment”

-   Someshankar Ghose (Head – Aviva Direct), Mumbai

“Engage, Enable, Care and Transparency are the key values which define Aviva. The organization has given me great exposure by providing me opportunities to work in various cross-functional projects with complete ownership and flexibility. It has also contributed in building my soft skills by providing me trainings in my domain, including a management training programme at a top management institute. Aviva Sports League, a tournament involving all functions of the company, has been one of the best engagement initiatives that I have experienced in my career. The company’s culture also encourages great camaraderie between employees.” 

-   Sahil Arora (Sr Manager, Marketing), Gurgaon

“Aviva provides a great platform for all its employees, be it through constant engagement, great work – life balance and learning opportunities. The emphasis on ethical business and maintaining quality of work is another aspect that is admirable and inspiring.’’

-   Venetia Merium Noronha (AVP – DSF, Sales Compliance), Gurgaon

“Aviva has provided me great opportunities and professional development over the last six years. The atmosphere at Aviva is very conducive to build upon our professional strengths. Employees are provided ample opportunities and forums to unleash their potential and their efforts are appreciated  and recognized.”  

-   Anupam Tyagi (VP – Operations), Gurgaon

“I have been associated with Aviva for the last seven years and it is needless to say that it is a great place to work. I take pride to be a part of this organization as we have the freedom to express and it is an employee & customer centric company.   Apart from that, it is strongly involved in employee engagement, reward & recognition which motivate people in this organization.”

-   Shefali Narula (Manager – Operations), Gurgaon

“Aviva has given me excellent exposure to different markets and different functions. I worked in Chennai, Bangalore and Gurgaon and am currently managing Bengal & North East markets based out of Kolkata. With Aviva, I have worked for all the distribution channels such as Banca, Agency, Direct and Broking. Aviva has also provided the opportunity to manage Partnerships which has given me a exposure to all the departments such as Finance, Legal, MIS, HR, Marketing etc.”

- Vivek SS (AVP – Bancassurance), Kolkata

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