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Hiring Process

Our core values of Care More, Kill Complexity, Never Rest & Create a Legacy determine who we are and what we stand for. A strong customer orientation and a desire to constantly challenge the status quo are imperative to succeed at Aviva. Our Talent Acquisition Strategy revolves around the philosophy of “Hire Right”, wherein we ensure that talent is hired not only on the basis of skills but for attitude too.  

We explore various avenues when scouting for the desired talent. 

We strongly believe in nurturing talent and developing leaders internally. PRAGATI, our internal job movement process gives employees the opportunity to explore roles across different functions and allows them to chart a Career Path within the organization.

The focus on developing talent internally exists at all levels. Through a program called UNNATI, Financial Planning Advisors can get promoted to the position of Sales Manager. Many of our senior sales employees started as advisors and grew with the organization.

Our strongly knit cultural fabric also implies that every Aviva employee lives by Our Values. MITR, our referral program builds on this cultural connect and empowers employees to have a stake in meeting our growing talent needs.

We have focused on establishing a strong brand presence at Tier 1 Business Schools across India. We follow a stringent process to hire the best minds and nurture their potential to build a strong leadership pipeline for the future.

Recognizing the importance of Social Media as an integral source of attracting talent, we have also positioned ourselves strongly on channels like Linkedin, Facebook, & Head Honchos.

We utilize various methods to screen candidates at different stages. For critical positions, we also gauge leadership capabilities using Thomas Personal Profile Analysis.

Engaging with the new hires:

We are proud of our people and believe that each individual brings a unique set of capabilities to the workplace. HR ensures that the hiring experience is ‘one of a kind’. We are in constant touch with selected candidates to provide guidance on every minute intricacy regarding their joining. All new hires are enrolled for a 4 Day Common Induction Program that provides them with a comprehensive view of their team, function, organization, industry and the macroeconomic environment. The HR Business partners take special care to ensure that the new hires understand the key HR policies and practices and the on boarding process is smooth and hassle-free. VOC (Voice of Customer) is a process through which HR frequently touch bases with each new hire for the first 60 days to ensure that the employee’s integration into the system is smooth.