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Value and Culture
Values and Culture

'Prosperity' and 'Peace of Mind' for customers - is what we have strived for since 1696. This core, guiding philosophy is the cornerstone of everything that we, at Aviva, stand for. Our vision is now to create 'One Aviva, twice the value', uniting our businesses to become one global team, to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

We empower you with 'strong roots' and 'powerful wings' so that you can help us scale new heights. Strong culture, competitive remuneration and sustained development initiatives provide you with firm 'roots' to help you build onto your talent pool. The 'wings' of a culture of risk taking, learning, experimenting and bold decision making across all levels of the organisation, enable you to reach your professional goals.

We live by the five values of 'Innovation', 'Integrity', 'Customer-Centricity', 'Passion for Winning' and 'Empowered Team', and we expect every team member to inculcate, practice and personify these values.


At Aviva, we go beyond race and gender and recognise you for who you are - with your diverse experiences, expertise, opinions and background. We believe that with diversity comes in a fresh perspective, giving rise to an innovative approach, which provides us with our competitive advantage.

We thrive on meritocracy, with the three cornerstones of our culture being - inclusion of all our people, no gender bias and equal opportunity to all. Performance is a two-way process; we provide you a supportive and collaborative environment so that you can deliver your best.


At Aviva, we value you as an individual and constantly help you evolve further - both personally and professionally. We provide you with a work environment where you can discover your hidden talents, connect, enjoy and generate a positive change. Because only when you grow, so does your the company. After all, it is the synergy of a collective effort that can help us fulfill our vision of 'One Aviva, twice the value'.

We have created a fun challenging filled, challenging, fun and organised series of spaces, events and initiatives - 'Base Camp', to help you our employees emotionally connect with your company the company. We want you to see yourself as a to see our employees as a group motivated of motivated individuals, driven employee who charter s a unique course of personal and professional empowerment.

The Base Camp has seven peaks starting from:

  • Community Climber: Here, we aim to encourage our employees to give back to the community and protect the environment by conducting volunteer activities and sponsoring projects to support education of underprivileged children, by undertaking initiatives such as 'Go Green Day'.
  • Financial Climber: We try to lessen your tax burden by giving you tax-related as well as legal assistance pan-India, on a monthly basis We arrange professional advice t o help our employees make smar t investment s to reduce tax liabilities and . sort legal issues .
  • Career Climber: Here, we encourage our employees you to polish your interpersonal and soft skills. This includes organising for you activities ranging from having like workshops on presentation and , time management skills to , tips on grooming and basic e-mail etiquette.
  • Fit Climber: At Aviva, we care about you. And an An important part of a well-rounded personality is being fit. To keep you our employees going, we have marathons, cricket tournaments and adventure clubs, amongst other fun-in-the-sun activities.
  • Social Climber: Here, you get to To get our employees to inte r act interact with your colleagues and their families at a social and personal level. This stage includes we organise activities like having a Kid's Day, Painting Day , Aviva Day celebrating festivals and designated days such as Painting Day and Aviva Day and festival celebrations..
  • Personal Climber: We understand that every person wants to evolve, not just professionally, but also personally. At Aviva, we have a series of introspective initiatives such as life skills workshops and personal counselling counseling.
  • Possibility Climber: Because you matter, we are always open to your suggestions, thoughts and feedback. To make it easier for you our employees to express your you're their views fearlessly, we have initiated a 'My voice portal', where employees can suggest ways and techniques to reduce our operating expenses and 'Ask Aviva' that acts as on online advice portal.

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