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Value and Culture
Values and Culture

Our Purpose

At Aviva, our simple yet powerful purpose defines our collective aspiration – We free People from Fear of Uncertainty.

Our values are in line with our purpose and help us in making things simpler for our customers and for each other.

The Aviva Values

Our values have shaped our culture and are an integral part of our DNA. They determine how we work with our customers, our business partners, the communities where we do business and with each other. When faced with uncertainties, we turn to these values for guidance.

Care More

At Aviva we care like crazy about our customers, each other, and the communities we operate in.

  • Stand in my customers’ & colleagues’ shoes first
  • Actively seek out and address what is wrong
  • Treat the company’s money like my own
  • Let fear stand in the way of what’s right
  • Use numbers as an excuse
  • Mindlessly apply process

Kill Complexity

At Aviva we are obsessed with making things simpler for our customers and for each other-we manage complexity, so our customers don’t have to.

  • Make things easy for anyone to understand
  • Be plain dealing
  • Start & finish with customer outcome front of mind
  • Create new process until it is critical to our success
  • Involve people just to cover myself
  • Re-invent the wheel

Never Rest

At Aviva we are driven every single day to be edgy, think bigger and do better for our customers and each other.

  • Think creatively to achieve the desired result no matter what the obstacles
  • Make bold decisions
  • Learn from my mistakes and celebrate our successes
  • Be satisfied with the status quo
  • Make the same mistake twice
  • Try and do it all on my own

Create Legacy

At Aviva we strive to create a future for our customers and each other, which is every bit as bright and sustainable as others created before us.

  • Leave behind something so much better than I found
  • Make decisions I will be as proud of in 20 years’ time as I am today
  • Invest in the community I operate in
  • Drive purely for short term gain
  • Change path unless it delivers more
  • Damage our heritage

We at Aviva believe in a culture that respects and celebrates the diversity & unique talent of each employee. This is practiced across all our businesses in all locations where we have a presence. We promote diversity at work by embodying the key principles of respect, valuing differences and ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for our workforce.


At Aviva, we value employees and constantly help them evolve further- both personally and professionally. We regularly organize a number of events and activities to engage our employees and their families:

Aviva Sports League – An opportunity to recognize sportsmen/women at Aviva and promote camaraderie.

Aviva Employees’ Day Out – Sponsored team outings across regions focusing on team bonding and celebrations. 

Aviva Carnival – Annual event focusing on a two way agenda - Team Bonding & Fund raising for charity.

Aviva Kids’ Day – An annual celebration wherein the employees' kids are invited to the Aviva premises, helps develop a stronger connect between employees’ families and the workplace

Thank You Week – An opportunity to thank colleagues, direct reportees & reporting managers for making a difference to people’s lives

Women’s Day Celebration – Recognizing our women employees for their work contribution.

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